Ok – so I’m just gonna post a little about today. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to start the day off with booze and black coffee. I have, however, learned my lesson and will not be doing that again any time soon. Our plan was to get to Harajuku to see the cosplay kids, do some shopping and end at the famous Meiji-jinsogi Shrine.

Instead, we made it out to a Harajuku Sunday, saw a funny “No Smorking” street sign, got a Doner kebab and I got so sick! We didn’t make it to the Meiji-jinsogi shrine, I didn’t see my crazy cosplay girls… I barely made it back to our hotel room! Today will live on in infamy as Harajupoo. I was in bed, asleep by 7pm and felt like complete hell. Poor Brian! He did, however, head down to the 7 Eleven for a weird green beer and some snacks that pictured angry green bean men. Ah, Tokyo.

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