Twice I called native Japanese speakers, and twice I totally chickened out! I called our hotel in Tokyo and aside from it being a choppy connection from half way across the globe, I REALLY couldn’t understand what the nice lady said. When I asked her if she spoke English in English (damn my fear!) she switched me over to another nice Japanese lady that helped me out with my questions.

Then, when I called a Japanese Travel agency in the city to make further inquires, I had and passed on another opportunity to ask in Japanese if the lady spoke English (eigo ga hanasemas ka?) I just assumed so (she’s in NY for fuck’s sake!) and instead, said thank you (arigatou) when we got off the phone. She laughed and then I laughed.

Good story, Jess.

Yeah – so we’re a week and a day out and I am excited. My Japanese lessons have switched from teaching in English to Japanese only (not too bad!). I have filled all appropriate prescriptions and have a few more loose ends to tie in the coming days.

Airport Limo passes – We can buy these here to make it a little easier when we get off of the plane at Narita.
Currency Exchange – after much research, it appears we have a few, cost effective options to get our yen to spend. Firstly, we will do a $ exchange at the airport. Not only are their rates the most competitive, they reflect the most up-to-date market value. Also, it appears that the 7 Banks at Tokyo’s 7 Eleven stores carry ATM’s that are foreign card friendly. We will be able to access our bank accounts there should we need more cash.
Packing – have not even started to think about it.
Electronics/ Entertainment – we recently realized that our seat on both flights put us in a row with a recharge station. This means Brian will be able to rip some movies for us to watch without the worry that we’ll run out of juice before landing. Also, I’ve borrowed a heap of books from my brother & will have my computer.
Comfort – bought Bri a memory foam neck pillow for the ride that I really like. Will totally pick one up myself!
Activities – I keep looking at all of the stuff we could potentially do … and although I know we will have no shortage of activities even if we choose to simply wander the streets in awe struck admiration and wonder, it looks like we are actually going at the very bestest time of year. May is ripe with festivals!

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