It is 4:29am. Brian is blissfully asleep in bed & I am on the couch, mind racing, wide awake, painfully aware of the gruelingly long day ahead of me. I have this fun, new thing that I do lately; I wake up, ready to go, at 2am. Regardless of when I go to sleep, what I've done during the day or how exhausted I am when I crawl into bed - unless I've taken my Ambien CR, I'm up at 2-frickin-am. I've beaten Plants vs. Zombies 5 times now, play solitaire w/a Rain Man like prowess and trawl the internet until about 6ish and pass out for an hour before waking again to my day. Ugh.

So far this morning, I've read no less than 4 different travel sites extolling the virtues of the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. I'm obsessed. I do not know how I am going to stand the time between this moment, right now, and when we're boarding the plane on December 27th. I picked our seat assignments for both our departing and returning flights. I made sure my vacation time was logged for the week covering until January 7th. I've picked out clothing (in my mind) that I'll be packing, shoes I'll be wearing, medication I have to bring with us, toiletries I have to buy and which suitcases all of this will be fitting into. I know which pocketbooks I'm going to use, what jewelry I'll be wearing and when I'll need to have my hair done by. I've mapped out walks (love you, Google Earth) refreshed my memory on the subway map and have looked through all of my photos from last time. I drank a big glass of orange juice, took my allergy pill and was about to load the dishwasher until I remembered how noisy that can be. And since lucky boy Bri is all types of sleeping now, I am left to distract myself here.


I am promising myself to take the damn sleeping pill next time. I mean, as much fun as it is to plan and research and play make believe with this dream trip of mine, I'm thinking it would be better for all parties involved if I was actually dreaming. I'm going to go and print all of the reservation info and start a "Tokyo 2010" folder to keep me info in. And maybe I'll get some sleep too. I dunno.

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