Between My Japanese Coach on the DSi & Japanese Human on Brian's computer, I believe that I will be almost completely capable of finding a bathroom, buying a cup of coffee & telling someone my name. I am really excited!

Today turned out to be an awesome 'Planning Stuff for our Tokyo Trip' day. Horizaru got back in touch & we're both set to go for out tattoos. I learned the entire Hiragana and am ten characters into Katakana. Plus, there are like 2 pages worth of super basic vocabulary that I am just waiting to use. I even bought a phone card to call the beautiful hotel we'll be staying at to find out how the heck to get there from Narita airport & whether we'll need power adapters or not.

I've so many lists compiled for this little adventure of ours. I have a 'Food to Try' list, a "Stuff to See' list, a "Things to Buy' list - in fact, I see future blog posts on each of these. And more. Basically, I think I'm just going to add anything 'Japan Trip' related. Yippee!

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On April 20, 2009 at 12:13 AM , Final Planet said...

You are the best blogger Jess-san.