Tomorrow marks my two week countdown.

I currently have sticky notes attached to most items in the house in an attempt to commit as much vocabulary to memory as possible. I also read every day to be all current on Japanese events.

My goal is to get as much Kanji learned as possible now. I can basically identify any Hiragana letter on site and am getting much, much better with Katakana. Plus, I am only two lessons away from my DSi going completely Japanese and am more than half way through my Human Japanese lessons. Poor Brian has to give me access to his computer for at least an hour every night. And has been tasked with testing me with flashcards. And has to hear me talk about Tokyo obsessively. And has to read all of the links, emails and articles I keep finding on the 30 million shops I want to visit, izakaya I want to eat in and places I want to day trip to.
So, my little list of tasks for this week includes scheduling the online payments for all of the bills that will need to get paid while we are away (ie: school loans, mortgage, etc.) get the travelers checques, buy traveler's pillows and start to look into packing. Oh! And prescriptions - we need a few of those to make that plane ride bearable!
Gotta post more regularly to get used to posting regularly. . .

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