What can I say? The land of the Rising Sun has instituted some really neat methods for the detection of and prevention of entry of the H1N1. It is both weird and super cool.

I've started calling the Japanese Embassy in D.C. & American Airlines to check on the status of our flight. I've also gotten a hold of the Japanese Health Ministry. Apparently they set up a hotline specifically for Swine Flu questions. I do not know if they will be able to answer my English questions, but maybe they'll make a funny blog post.

Also, Brian was a robot-for-a-day. My hubby, the cutest man in the world, got his chest shaved by a no nonsense Eastern European nurse weilding a pink disposable razor yesterday evening in order to have 5 electrodes attached to him in order to transmit every single heart beat to a nifty Holter Heart monitor. He is a cyborg and I love him. But he wouldn't let me snap a pic for this blog. If I ever get one, I'll take a pic & post it. Promise.

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