As in, there are 19 days until we leave for our return. I've been wanting to put up another post for weeks but kept finding other things to do. I sit here at 5:48 am after another internet-surfing bout of insomnia and realize this is the perfect opportunity.

I'm listening to some newly downloaded, thoughtful music that has me reflecting on life, love and the state of my little world. Is it ok to admit, out loud and to the internet that I am exceedingly proud of us and happy with my life? I feel like people want to ask and maybe even want to know but don't know how to react when the complaints don't come and the response is only positive. I'm happy. I'm excited for whatever it is that we're doing next and ready for some other, new & as-of-yet unknown that I believe to be just over the horizon. I know there's 'opportunity' and 'potential' and some remarkable achievements and events hovering over the space that we're going to occupy in the future. (I told you the music was thoughtful...)

Our May 2009 trip to Japan focused a small, but bright and dazzling light on what it could be for me to exist in a place of change and happiness and forward momentum. It was remarkable in that it happened for both Brian and I and was the realest, most excellent understanding of the amount of control I could exert over my reactions to the world. There is so much unpredictability and surprise and a clear lack of control over the course of most events - that hadn't changed, but my willingness to grow with or in spite of or because of these things was, aside from some amazing pictures, my favorite part of that trip.

So as I begin the prep work for our December 27th departure, I wonder what this one will reveal - if anything at all. I mean, it could just be a fabulous and fun trip to the other side of the planet to celebrate a new year and add some images to my photo gallery. But I feel like it could be something else. Something more - another milestone to mark the passing of time and the cool shit that continues to make up my day-to-day existence.

I'm eating a bowl of 6 am raisin bran & scribbling a To-do list of what we missed last time or what is possible only this time of year & of what we are going to enjoy again. I just can not wait.

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