The bills are paid.
Mail has been put on hold.
The suitcases are upstairs.
The dry cleaning is out.
There are multiple small loads of laundry being done (& drying clothing hanging all over the house)
I've downloaded 6 new books to the iPad.
The neck pillows are out.
The toiletries & cosmetics have taken over a full corner of the dining room table.
I picked up a bevy of pharmaceuticals yesterday.
I have pill boxes neatly stacked in the kitchen.
My guide books are tabbed, highlighted and sitting next to the couch.
Test pack #1 occurs tomorrow afternoon.

I am stressed, anxious & am certain I am forgetting something. The bags under my eyes are purple & grey and have bags of their own. I am seriously contemplating using Preparation-H cream to diminish their appearance. Brian's got deadlines on top of deadlines, work on top of work and falls down exhausted and still reeling from his day just in time to wake up for another each morning. Today, he'll be traipsing through Manhattan. And I was smart enough to wash both his heavy winter coat and warmest hat this morning. They are now hanging from the coat rack drying, too soaked to wear today. Good job, Jess! And for my next trick, I hide all of his pants & shoes...

I've got to leave for work.

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