My plans for the next eight days are set. They are slightly complicated by the fact that Xmas is this coming Saturday - but I am planning ahead so I'm anticipating little trouble from our Lord & Savior's birthday.

- I am to buy no more perishable food items and work diligently to consume the ones that are in the fridge presently.
- I have one last load of dry cleaning going out tomorrow that I will be picking up by Wednesday.
- The suitcases come up from the basement today to air out and I do the first test pack to see if my lists need any adding to them.
- I've an 8am doctor's appointment tomorrow where I will get a physical (Brian had his a couple months back) and procure the ever-important prescriptions for our Flying Pharmaceuticals (that would be an rx for Ambien CR, 1 for Xanax, a Z-pack and anything else my beloved family physician and I can conjure. Added to this when I drop off the prescriptions at the local CVS will be a potent decongestant, some basic allergy meds and some stomach remedies). Now, I'm fully aware that our destination is a fully functioning member of modern society w/excellent healthcare standards and chemist shops on every corner. I am simply more comfortable w/traveling with our own pharmacy in a bag. And I have funny visions of asking for one thing and ending up w/something else entirely, ya know?
- By Wednesday I will double check our stock of toiletries & cosmetics to make sure we're noy going to run out of toothpaste or butt wipes.
- Thursday I start the actual packing so that laundry can be done, last minute items packed, etc. and we can weigh our suitcases so as to avoid unnecessary luggage fees.
- Friday I call to double check our upgrades are still available (fingers crossed for our Biz class seats, people - this is a fucking brutal flight) & confirm our reservations.
- We go & enjoy a marathon of family eating competitions, say hi to santa & be merry.
- Saturday & Sunday we enjoy some chill out & work out time (Brian will, of course, still have work to do)
- Monday we leave the house at 7am to go to Momma & Poppa Ferrara's house for our ride to the airport by 7:30am & we're off!

I am so excited. Nervous too, but that might just be the coffee.

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